Our History  2020

In 2020 Brad Tiegs (middle) had a vision and a realization as he went about his day. He met “Yosemite”, as in Yosemite Sam. (far right). This encounter would go on to change the lives of many people. Yosemite, as he was affectionately nicknamed because of his stout stature, raspy voice, and firey attitude, was a Lance Corporal in Vietnam.

Yosemite was technically homeless. He had been passed around through the VA, shelters, psychiatric centers, and back around.

He told of how his fiduciary had withheld his benefit payments and how he was assaulted and robbed during his time in the shelters.

Hearing this, Brad knew he had the ability to try to help. He talked with Jeff (middle left) and they began the process of correcting records for Yosemite and putting things in place for care. A few months later Yosemite was able to leave the direct supervision of “the farm” as we called the property we had at the time, and move into a semi-independent small apartment.