Case Studies

An abbreviated case study: 2022

UWI was approached by a veteran and his family of five that inhabited a home that had become a safety danger to the family and was in danger of foreclosure. UWI gave the down payment for the family to a RV dealership to acquire a travel trailer residence. The veteran and his family with the assistance of UWI were able to secure a travel trailer and a spot in a local long term RV park.

UWI continues to assist this family by connecting them with local resources to gain fruitful employment and help them gain the resources to acquire and locate a permanent location for their RV and hopefully a place to build and call home one day.


Significant Additions 2022

To aid in the success of this mission, The Undaunted Warhorse Initiative is aligning with Melanie Davis, author of The Triumph Program. Davis has been working with justice-involved veterans for more than five years inside the vet pods of county jails and within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. She has been providing The Triumph Program which offers a structure in which participants can rediscover purpose and meaning in their lives, including opportunities for service among incarcerated veterans and their neighbors. Davis is the recipient of the 2019 Texas Governor’s Award for Service to Veterans and numerous other awards.

Melanie Davis is the newest board member of UWI, bringing the above-mentioned expertise and successes which will fulfill the program element of the WARHORSE CORRAL projects.

Davis’s Triumph Program is a 12-week narrative therapy process. The Triumph Program will serve as a vetting tool to ensure those entering the Warhorse Communities are ready and wanting to do the work to become self-sufficient and succeed.