Mission Statement

UWI’s mission is to bridge the gap for Veterans struggling to reintegrate through a temporary housing solution with world-class mentorship to prevent such tragedies as homelessness, incarceration, and suicide.
Never conceding, fighting against all odds, with valor and integrity; this is…
The Undaunted Warhorse

A Message From Our Founders

Dear Veterans, Patriots, and Supporters,

I’m truly amazed at the outpouring of support for the Undaunted Warehouse Initiative. What began as a conscience call within me to assist one single Vietnam era US Merchant Marine has turned into an amazing program and cascade of effort from so many people.

As a former public school educator I know the impact that one person can have on several others. How much greater impact can we all make when we come together and use our abilities to help improve the lives of others? That’s rhetorical because the answer is limitless.

In the Marine Corps our doctrine was “anywhere in the world on short notice, fully combat ready,…”. This doesn’t happen without a competent team working together.

The UWI team, including our donors and supporters, have an amazing passion and skillset that allows us to be ready to complete our mission.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts. I’m proud to know I have such incredible backing as we push forward to help more Veterans! OORAH

Dear Veterans, Patriots, and Supporters,

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your encouragement and support for this mission. During my life, and more specifically my career in the military, I have learned the importance of having a great team around me. Many things we do are individual goals and gains, but it is critical to have people around us to help motivate and hold us accountable. That’s exactly what y’all have done.

Since Brad and I started this endeavor many years ago we have had continuous support and assistance from so many people. Family, friends, and even strangers at the time (now friends), have given of their time, treasure, and talents to help us help our nation’s Veterans.

I am extremely humbled and proud to have this opportunity and position to help raise awareness and resources that can be life changing for so many brave individuals that selflessly served our country. LET’S ROLL!